Glenrock Cemetery, Nemaha County, Nebraska, USA

Cemetery History

Glenrock Cemetery, Nemaha County Nebraska, came into being when Salathiel J. and Eulala (Eulila) Good (husband and wife) sold just over one acre of land to the Trustees of the Glenrock Burial Lots. This deed, dated February 3, 1874, stated the land was to be used "solely for the purpose of a burying ground, and no other." Additionally, according to the deed, Mrs. Good gave up her "dower rights" to this land when deeded to the Trustees. Unlike many other early cemeteries in Nemaha County, Glenrock never associated with any other organization.

The town of Glenrock (now known as Old Glenrock) was platted and dedicated on September 8, 1857; ten years before Nebraska became a state. Eight other Nemaha County towns were proposed in the same year. Of those, only Nemaha and Peru still exist.

Records of the oldest section of the cemetery, the northern part, were lost in a fire years ago. Stones still mark many of the graves in this section. Stories handed down through the generations tell of Native American graves, as well as Gypsy graves from families who camped along Rock Creek to the east of the cemetery.

A second purchase of land from Oliver Good, a single man, dated November 20, 1895, secured the middle section of the cemetery (south of the original purchase). A third parcel of land south of the others was purchased from Tom and Eleanor Adamson in October, 1963. This completed the land purchased to date, making the total area of the cemetery about three and one-quarter acres.

Records show that for many years lot owners were assessed a dollar per year for upkeep. In 1908, Lettie Higgins collected $102 for building a fence. (NOTE: This section of fence is still in place.) Records list the name of each person who paid dues, donated cash for fencing or for any other purpose, bought a lot or who did any work at the cemetery each year since 1894.

In 1915, a small building was erected on the grounds at the cost of $56.25 to house tools, etc., as used at the cemetery. That year $121.90 was received and expenses were $117.50, leaving a balance of $4.40 to carry forward. Mowing was $8 each time. The yearly assessment per lot was raised to $3 in 1916. J. H. Wren was still receiving $8 per mowing. During the 1930s several cake sales were held to augment the income. In 1949, caretakers purchased two gallons of gasoline for $0.54.

A Perpetual Care Fund was established in 1966 to which each lot owner paid $100. (A lot contains space for 4 graves, a plot is 1 grave space.) In 1983, rising costs caused the Association to set the price for a lot at $200 with $100 placed in the Perpetual Care Fund and the other $100 assigned to maintenance. Current mowings average 10-14 per year and cost approximately $230 each.

There are thirty-six (36) veterans interred in the cemetery, some of whom fought in the 1860s Civil War. Each year on Memorial Day weekend, American flags are placed at their markers to commemorate their military service.

Glenrock Cemetery has a long, rich history. It is a lovely, quiet prairie cemetery. Most of the original cedar trees planted by early pioneers have lost their fight with nature and time. The Glenrock Cemetery Association is planting new trees, resetting and repairing stones and maintaining the lawn, as well as developing an integrated groundscaping plan. The Clyle LaVigne family installed new fencing in 2004. This addition has greatly improved the cemetery grounds. Our ancestors are recognized on special occasions as well as family and friends lovingly marking sites with an abundance of flowers throughout the year.

Glenrock Cemetery has been a place of quiet beauty for many years and we hope it will continue to be so in the future. We are located 6 miles north of Auburn on Highway 75, then west 2 miles on Highway 67 (the Brock Road), then south one mile on a well-rocked road.

Author - Mary Beth Lavigne Kernes, 2004.

Donations to help support the upkeep of this cemetery may be sent to:
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